I created a new index page for recent news and pictures.
-srg 3/10/02
Here is a quick update: I worked at Sun Microsystems for 3 years on the Sun Cluster product, and I am currently taking a leave of absence to do some traveling around Europe. My trip will begin in Warsaw, Poland on September 4, 2001, and continue from there wherever the road takes me.

Before heading out on the road, I spent some time in LA preparing for my trip. In addition to catching up with friends and the like, I spent a fair amount of time as lead technical engineer on the project "Get My Father's Computer Working." Among the missions accomplished, his scanner is now integrated into his system. As evidence of this feat--which isn't to imply that such efforts are quickly forgetten or aren't sufficiently appreciated!--I uploaded an old self portrait (~100K) that I took for a photography class in 1993. Heheh...the proof sheet from that roll of film is certainly good for a laugh!
-srg 8/23/01

NOTE: The content of this web page is very out of date. I imagine that more links are broken than are functional. Perhaps I will be inspired to update this mess in the future. In the meantime, you can laugh at the old pictures of me from my college days...
-srg 5/30/99

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I am a senior at U.C. Berkeley. Currently, I am majoring in Computer Science, but who knows what I will be doing tomorrow. Because of my choice of majors, I spend most of my time in Soda Hall. It's not too bad, but it would be nice to get out every now and again... I'll be graduating in May 1998, so this is my last semester! After graduation, I will be working at Sun at their Menlo Park location. I will be living in San Carlos starting at the end of May.

The Best of 1996!

My "Best of 97" will be ready sometime next month (hopefully), but in the meantime you can you can check out my favorite Music, Concerts, Movies, and TV of 1996.


Here is a picture of my family. There are a bunch of random pictures of friends from Berkeley here, but be warned that this page is very under construction. I mooched the Woodland Hills and San Diego pictures from my friend Judy, though I can claim photographic credits for most of them.


Here is a list of links I like or find useful. For your convenience, these links are arranged by subject: Berkeley/Bay Area, Movies, Music, Reference, Stores, TV, and, of course, Misc.

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