Meet my friends from Berkeley!

Okay, here's the standard disclaimer...This page is waaaay under construction. I plan to add info under the pictures and organize the page better. I know some of it has nothing to do with Berkeley! Anyway, bear with me...

L-R: Katherine, Ange, and Karen were my buds sophomore year at Foothill.
A cheesy picture from my 18th birthday freshman year.
Q: Who goes to Japantown and eats at Denny's?
A: The computer center staff from Foothill!
This is my dormroom from freshman year. I'm not even going to try to name everyone!
Remind me, now, why do we all have underwear on our heads???
L-R: Peter, Stacy, Aparna, Gina, me, Lafe, and Nicole.
Jason and Jeremy in Hemet, where the fun never stops!
Me and Jeremy in Hemet--of all places, why did we road trip here?
L-R: Libby, Aparna, and Ange during our Lucky Charms ritual before our Math 1B final exam. The idea here is that if you eat the pots of gold, you will do well on your exam. Sadly, we still perform this ritual. It actually works pretty well!

My roommate freshman year, Aparna. Is she always this weird? Yes. I still live with her!
L-R: Jason, Christoph, Shelley, me, Mike, Jojo, and Judy.
Okay, this picture has nothing to do with Berkeley but I like it too much to leave it out! Here are my good buds from high school skydiving outside of the Olive Garden in the good-old San Fernando Valley!
Clockwise from top: Christoph, Judy, Mike, and me.
This one has nothing to do with Berkeley either, but it couldn't be omitted! This was a poster that my high school calculus teacher had on his wall. Gotta love it!
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