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Berkeley/Bay Area related stuff:

  • In this, my triumphant last semester at Berkeley, I'm taking CS 184, Music 20A, Women Studies 14, and a Tennis Class. Oh, it is good to be a senior!
  • Last semester, I took CS 150, CS 186, and History 138. Additionally, I helped TA CS 170.
  • Spring 97, I took CS 162, CS 172, and UGIS 79.
  • Fall 96, I took CS 164, CS 170, and Math 113. It turned out to be a pretty rough but rewarding semester.
  • Computer Science Undergraduate Association Homepage. The CSUA sponsors events to promote the unity of us CS majors.
  • The UC Berkeley Homepage.This is the official page, along with an alphabetical list of resources. Alternately, try the student run homepage.
  • HKN homepage, which has surveys of CS and EECS courses and professors.
  • CalLUG, the Cal Linux User Group Homepage
  • Department of Mathematics
  • OCF Homepage where you can find information on student groups and computing resources.
  • Cal Bridge Club which I used to frequent but no longer have time for.
  • UC Berkeley General Catalog and the current schedule of classes.
  • SUPERB which features fun for the whole family!
  • Media Resources Center in Moffitt Library has a bunch of cool movies on tape that you can watch for free!
  • KALX 90.7 FM is the best radio station in the bay area!
  • Bay Area Transit Information
  • Two city guides for the bay area: CitySearch and sidewalk


  • Internet Movie Database
  • 777-FILM
  • Toy Story, which was a fantastic movie!
  • Here's the script for one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride.


  • See what I thought the best music of 1996 was.
  • The Ultimate Band List where you can find info on a bunch of bands.
  • The Trouser Press Record Guide is a great resource. I highly recommend it.
  • Tour Information for various bands. TicketWeb is a great way to buy tickets online. (Bay area folks can skip straight to the Northern California Venues. You can also check at Ticketmaster.
  • Lyrics to a bunch of songs.
  • Here are some links to cool bands: Tori Amos, Anton Barbeau, Bettie Serveert, Ani DiFranco, Game Theory, Guided By Voices, PJ Harvey, Hole, The Loud Family, Aimee Mann, Liz Phair, Throwing Muses
  • Check out a random 80's lyric. While you are in a cheesy mood, also check out this link to a whole host of 80's Web Pages!


  • Alta Vista is a pretty cool web searcher. Perhaps Excite will find what your are looking for. Yahoo is not too shabby. Or try HotBot.
  • A BIG list of Internet Services
  • The San Francisco Chronicle
  • 800 Guide
  • Webster's Dictionary (not that I am hinting at anything, Judy.)
  • Bartlett's Quotations
  • A Beginner's Guide to HTML, which I should have looked at more closely before putting this page together.
  • And now, for some random UNIX stuff.... Here's the tcsh online exciting! I am also trying to learn TeX so I can make cool looking scientific documents. Here is a LaTeX site if you are interested. I am also aspiring to learn perl and java, but I don't have the time for it right now.


  • TARGET, the coolest store in the world.


  • Public Television is really great! Here are two bay area public TV stations: KQED (Channel 9) and KCSM (Channel 60). One of my favorite public TV shows is Sessions at West 54.
  • Television resources on the web.
  • Ultimate TV List
  • Misc. Entertainment with a list of random links related to TV and more.
  • TV Theme Song Central if you are into cheesy TV theme songs.
  • X-Files which is the coolest show on Fox! There are tons of pages out there:here's one and here's another. Here is a list of a bunch of X-files stuff.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is probably my second favorite show, though I don't get to watch it as much as I would like.
  • The Muppets, is another favorite of mine. Also check out Pigs in CyberSpaaaaaaaaace! Plus, who could forget Sesame Street?

    Other random stuff:

  • Jumbo! and Shareware library where you can download software
  • Cool Site of the Day, for pages that are just a wee bit better than this one! And, here are the Top 5% of web sites. (I wonder why my page isn't there...hmmm....) Or, if you are a nerd like me, you can check out the Geek Site of the Day! But it gets even worse....check out the Mathematician of the Day!
  • Speaking of cool and geeky stuff on the web, check out the Scheme Homepage.
  • WIT which has a variety of stuff.
  • Looking for fun and games on the web?
  • Go here only when you are really bored and have nothing else to do.
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